Award winning Old Time Duo Golden Shoals Returns to The Sevareid House

Old Time Music Virtuosos Mark and Amy are Golden Shoals

"Golden Shoals bridge the sometimes distant worlds of traditional bluegrass and old time music together. With one foot steeped in tradition and the other focused on fresh songwriting, Golden Shoals are helping to further the narrative of American Roots music and introducing the traditions of our past to a whole new generation of listeners.” - Kris Truelsen, WBCM Radio Bristol

This concert is a private event. It is for friends and friends of friends. We sell tickets in advance to reserve seating as it is limited — we usually sell out. All of the proceeds from the sales of the reserved seating go directly to the artist. Please reserve your seat WELL IN ADVANCE. House concerts are a wonderful grassroots phenomenon! World-class musicians and developing local talent alike perform in the intimacy of private homes and similar nontraditional spaces!

Featured video

Golden Shoals Live from The Sevareid House

Live from the Sevareid House 3/20/22

Photos from the show

  • photo by Michael DeHart
  • Photo by Michael DeHart
  • Golden Shoals